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2023-24 Grant Funds Announced

Peninsula Kingswood Community Foundation is thrilled with the response by members to provide their support for our fundraising through donations and by attending our events. We are very pleased to announce that the programs and projects chosen to receive grants in the 2023-24 year. The total sum to be distributed this round is $140,000, plus there is a provisional commitment of $30,000 for next year.

Mahoghany Rise Primary School – PKCF Grant: $30,000

Project: Bike Shed Improvements
To build on the capacity of the existing bike shed (built with funds provided by the PKCF last year). This includes extending the shed, improving security, a trailer and more, all designed to encourage the students to get more exercise by riding to and at various school activities.

TaskForce – PKCF Grant: $30,000 

Project: Community Garden at the Women and Youth Community Hub, North Frankston
Building on the support for Taskforce’s Living Free program last year, this grant is to support the establishment of a community garden at the Youth and Women’s Well-being Hub in Frankston North. This is part of a program being pursued by Taskforce in partnership with The Salvation Army, among others, to create a safe and accessible place where women and youth can connect and receive timely and coordinated support for their health and wellbeing needs. Living Free is already operating from the Hub one day a week through PKCF’s support last year.

We propose to make the same grant next year, provided all is going to plan, to ensure the Hub is fully established, as our final year of support for Taskforce.

Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation – PKCF Grant: $25,000

The Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation was established in 2007. It is an independent charitable trust initiated and supported by Chisholm Institute, the largest vocational education provider in Melbourne’s South East. Of the funds raised, 100% are allocated to education scholarships for students suffering financial hardship, with 70% of those funds supporting women in the local Frankston area. This is made possible through the financial support of the Chisholm Institute which takes responsibility for all administrative costs. PKCF is proud that this grant will provide scholarships for young people, especially women, so that they are able to pursue vocational education at the Chisholm Institute.

Community Support Frankston – PKCF Grant: $20,000

To provide funds for wide ranging emergency assistance to families and individuals in Frankston including emergency food, grocery vouchers, financial assistance with utility bills, referrals and advocacy for people who live, or work in the City of Frankston. CSF is one of the busiest agencies of its type in Victoria – with nearly 13,000 people contacting the organisation for assistance last year. 

Speak And Share – PKCF Grant: $20,000

Speak & Share is a not-for-profit Mental Health Charity that encourages the tough conversations and challenges connected with the stigma associated with mental health. Through their preventative and proactive approach, they facilitate sessions at schools, through corporate and sporting club programs, as well as at local events, to connect with the community and raise awareness about the need to positively increase mental health awareness. The grant is to support the organisation and its programs working with young people, men and women in the local Frankston area.

Ballam Park Pre-School – PKCF Grant: $15,000

Project: Outdoor play area refurbishment
This preschool approached the Club to assist them in raising funds to refurbish and renovate their out-dated and potentially unsafe outdoor play area. The preschool understands the necessity for young children to experience nature play in all its forms, including with water, sand, mud and natural materials – getting dirty in a good way! With many of their pupils living in crowded accommodation, the opportunity to play, experiment and experience the joy of having fun outside in all weathers is vital to their health and wellbeing.

Please note that all beneficiaries have been advised that their funding will be distributed in July ‘23.

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