Our Approach

PKCF responds to the Frankston community’s most critical social and economic needs. To do so effectively, we focus our resources on targeted areas to maximise our impact. The PKCF Committee continues to be guided by the current Frankston City Council’s Health and Wellbeing Plan, in the selection of key community initiatives to support. Under this plan, the key community building outcomes are:

  • Healthy community
  • Stronger families
  • Safer and stronger community
  • Sustainable economy
  • Learning community
  • Sustainable environment

Click here for more information on the Frankston City Health & Wellbeing Plan (2021-2025).

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The PKCF has chosen Women and Young People as the focus of our grants as they represent the most disadvantaged people in the Frankston area.

The issues we seek our funding to address include:

For Women

– Aspects of dealing with the prevalence of family violence from prevention, support, relief and recovery
 – Building capacity for economic independence through employment preparation and financial literacy
 – Access to mental health services
 – Support for single parents

For Young People

– Access to, and education of healthy food choices
– Access to a variety of sports and recreational activities and facilities
– Access to golf, especially for young girls
– Access to quality education and support systems for literacy attainment
– Protection from family violence, abuse and exploitation
– Keeping young people in education and training
– Support transition to work life, financial literacy and independent living
– Access to decent work and sustainable employment; job ready for the future
– Access to appropriate mental health services