PK Academy Junior Golf

The PK Academy Junior Program launched on Saturday 20 November.

“PK Junior Golf” is our new program designed to develop athletes first and then golfers. We have three classes currently running that are fully booked, with 36 kids in total. This program is purely for members’ kids, grandkids, and friends of PK members.

It was great to see so many kids having fun, getting into the game of golf and using our facilities. For the next four weeks as part of this program, the lower-level tee of the driving range will be closed Saturdays 12:45pm – 2pm (1 class) and Sundays 8:45am-11:30am (2 classes). The upper tee on the range will still be open at the same time the junior program is running.

Click here for more information on the program. 

For more information, please contact Marcus Fraser at