Lockdown Dinner

Why not make the most of all this time at home and enjoy a special dinner on Saturday night, with our Lockdown Event: Dinner for two, prepared by PK, cooked by you!

Enjoy all the luxuries of a night out at the club, with delicious food and wine, without having to worry about the drive home.

We are also able to adapt the menu for pescatarian or gluten reduced guests.

Bookings must be in by Wednesday 5 August at 12pm to secure your spot in this event! To book please complete the form below. For assistance with bookings please contact madeline@peninsulakingswood.com.au.

The packages are priced for two people and will include fresh pasta to be cooked, two marinated eye fillets to be cooked and sides, sauces and desserts to be reheated. We will include a detailed recipe card with photos and cooking instructions to suit stove top, microwave and oven. The package also includes one bottle of 2017 PK shiraz.


Dinner for two, prepared by PK, cooked by you
  • Price includes meals for two people and a bottle of PK shiraz
  • We are only able to accommodate pescatarian and gluten reduced for this particular set menu. The gluten reduced option will need to be for both people.
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