Course Update – 13 May 2022

General Course Update 

Our important focus remains on positioning the courses for the onset of the cooler weather months. Several programmes are well in progress with bunker maintenance also high on the priority list. Full details are listed and updated in the below section titled “Current and Upcoming Course Program”. 

Course care initiatives will soon be prepared and rolled out by the Golf Shop and Course Teams to support the protection of the courses during the cooler months. Focus will continue to be on pitch mark, divot and bunker repair, together with traffic management, motorised cart usage and plant care when the new planting season program begins in June.

Course Improvement Projects

Our 2022/2023 Course Audit Improvement Program will commence in June.

Lower Range Tee Concept

11th Path and 7th Path

The initial projects to commence the program of works will include the following:

  • An exposed aggregate pathway to the 7th North tee
  • A synthetic turf strip and cart parking bays on the Lower Range Tee
  • Exposed aggregate Pathway extension on 11 South Path
  • Drainage on the Practice Fairway
7 North design plans
Alterations to 11 South and 7 North
Driving Range lower tee concept

Current and Upcoming Course Programmes – Update

The below turf related and bunker maintenance programs are our KEY focus at present and are particularly important in positioning the courses well for the onset of the cooler months.  

  • Autumn Turf Nutrition Program application. “In-Progress” – North Course Complete.
  • General bunker maintenance focused on edge/walk-in trimming, wall, and floor contouring & firming together with entry/exit point focus. “In-Progress and Ongoing”
  • Warm season turf (Couch grass) autumn colourant application. “In-Progress”. South Course to be undertaken in coming weeks.
  • Pre and post emergent weed control across our warm season grass areas of Green Surrounds, Tees, and Fairways. Commenced in March and concluding in May. “In Progress” – North Course Complete and South Course Nearing Completion.
  • Course Furniture – Seat cleaning, stabilising, and wood treatment. “In-progress”
  • Boundary Fencing Repair and New installations – “In-Progress”.
  • Annual Drainage Program preparation. “Likely commencement in mid-June”
  • Greens soil dusting programs. “In progress” – North Course Complete
  • Turf fungal disease prevention programs. “In-Progress”
  • Selected soil top-dressing over drainage lines and uneven turf areas. “In-Progress and Ongoing”
  • Algae control/prevention on fine turf green surfaces during moisture and humid climatic conditions. “In-Progress and Ongoing”
  • Water bodies surface weed control – “In Progress”.

Director of Course
Glenn Stuart