Course Update – 13 January 2022

Key Golf Events

It was very pleasing for the club that we received some extremely positive feedback from the hosting of the Victorian Amateur and Sandbelt Invitational events in December 2021. The South Course played and presented very well for these events, and we look forward to hosting and supporting other significant golf events in the future. The Course Team very proudly, with a detail focus, pride themselves on ensuring the Club’s reputation is further enhanced for our members and the wider golfing communities when hosting key golf events. The next event the Course Team will prepare for is the PK Foundation Pro Am on 31 January 2022 on the North Course.


Current Work Programs

  • Winter Grass (Poa annua) control and prevention in the warm season (Couch grass) areas, “In-Progress”
  • Bunker and Wasteland repairs, “In-Progress” 
  • Algae treatment in bentgrass areas on green and collar surfaces
  • Turf disease prevention and control with the current high humidity presence, “Ongoing”
  • North Course preparation for the upcoming Foundation Pro Am


Climate Impact – Severe Rain Event

The severe rain events on Friday 7 January have unfortunately caused damage to all bunkers and wastelands together with several drainage pit areas. We received 30mm of rain in the deluge with 21mm falling in a 10-minute period that has caused the damage. Work has commenced on the repairs, but it is expected that these repairs will require several weeks to complete (4-6 weeks). The North Course repairs will be prioritised as part of the preparation program for the upcoming Foundation Pro Am event. The bunkers have been placed as preferred lies and under a local rule. On a positive note, we collected 4 Mega-litres of storm water into our Greens Water Storage Dam from the rain event. The dam level currently sits at 15 Mega-litres, 7 mega-litres short of its capacity. 

30mm of rain fell on Friday, causing serious damage to our bunkers and wastelands
Example of some of the bunker damage

Covid-19 Impact 

Please note that due to continued staff shortages as a result of Covid-19 related issues, many aspects of course maintenance will remain impacted and unable to be managed to our normal standards. The areas that will suffer the most impact will be the general course grooming and presentation, product application programs, bunker and wasteland maintenance. The Course Team will continue to work hard to minimise as many impacts as best they can. We thank you for your understanding and patience at this time.

Director of Courses
Glenn Stuart