Course Update – 29 July 2022

Heavy frost on 21 July

General Update

The courses have experienced some extreme climatic conditions of high rainfall and several frost events during this early winter period. Whilst the courses are damp in spots, they have been able to withstand these climatic challenges well and are still presenting strongly. The ground water table remains quite high across the property resulting from the high June rainfall level (104mm) and July (55mm). The frost will now impact the colour, growth and recovery potential of our warm season grass areas on green surround, tees and fairways until mid-spring. This will also place the turf into a full dormancy. The green up from this dormancy will be expected in spring (September/October) and the next season growth phase recommencement in (November).

General wear from the high playing rounds and traffic level has become more evident in many course areas this recent year, particularly noticeable in the cooler months where turf growth and recovery potential is reduced. A program has been designed and will be implemented with supporting inputs and rectification in spring. 

Course Audit and Improvement Program Update

Our Course Audit and Improvement Program remains in progress albeit a bit slower than anticipated. The inclement weather experienced in June has unfortunately delayed the drainage element with a more suitable time now being considered. A revision of the full program is being undertaken in conjunction with OCM. It is expected that the program will progress more strongly over the coming weeks/months.

Specific project updates are as follows:


A post and rail fence, directional sign, crazy paving pad for a rubbish/sand bins together with surrounding landscape improvements will soon be installed to complete this project.


The new Turfhound Synthetic Mat System has now been installed. The external area stone paving will be installed with the irrigation relocation and turf tie-in to then complete this project. Due to a delay in the stonemason, we now expect this area will open at the end of August.


Restoration work has commenced on several wasteland areas commencing with 4 South and 18 North. The next target hole is 7 South  (LHS tree root removal) and (RHS drainage installation).

The Course Team have also completed general maintenance work in several other wasteland areas that are not requiring the more significant improvement works. This will remain ongoing.


Additional material has now been added to the mound at the rear of the men’s tee with chunking and planting of vegetation to further increase the height and improve safety.

Improved mound on the rear of the 15N tee
Improved safety for players on 14N/15N tees


14 North Fairway 

Work has commenced to remove weeds and poor vegetation from against the cart path. Sub-surface drainage has been added and work is progressing to convert the area into a combination of short grass and a small section of native heath. The combination of changes will help improve the aesthetics, playability and access on the 14th hole. This area is expected to be completed early next week. 



Bunker maintenance and restoration works remain a high priority and will continue throughout the winter months. The ongoing improvement works has a focus on wall and floor contouring, face firming, entry/exit point adjustments and lip repairs. The bunkers requiring the more urgent repair, modification and maintenance have been prioritised first. (See below photos of the completed works on 1N, 2N, 4N, 10N and 16N). 29 of the 100 bunkers on the North Course are now complete, whilst 10 of the 79 Bunkers on the South Course are now complete.

Our important and detailed wholistic review on bunkers, in conjunction with OCM as part of our quarterly Course Audit Program, is well underway. The review will cover all aspects of bunkers, inclusive of the recent the member survey responses, and will be presented to the Course Advisory Group in August.




A non-selective herbicide will once again be applied carefully across the fairways whilst the turf is in full dormancy in the coming week/s. This program is important to assist in the management of Winter Grass (Poa annua) existence in our warm season grass areas and minimize any potential transfer into our green surfaces.

The more delicate areas on green surrounds, tees and high traffic areas have been in progress for several weeks via a spot spraying method with very encouraging results achieved. 

The initial response will see the poa plants turf bright yellow before they decay and become less prominent. A follow up pre-emergent treatment program will be applied to minimize further winter/spring non desirable plant and weed germination. 

This program has been very successful in recent years and is vital to ensure we minimize all non-desirable grass and weed existence. We continue to work very hard and seek the highest achievable level of turf purity in the warm season grass surfaces. This is becoming increasingly challenging for all clubs in Victoria, particularly with poa plants building very high levels of resistance to most of the available selective herbicide products.


55mm of Rainfall has been recorded in July to date

55mm of rainfall recorded for the month of July


Director of Courses,
Glenn Stuart