The first Women’s Annual Dinner to be held in the new clubhouse was celebrated on Thursday 23rd May.

The evening commenced with welcoming drinks and canapes in front of the warm fire in the Dining Room. Naturally there was an ever increasing level of noise as friends met and greeted each other and others were introduced to new members.

Women’s President, Libby Stuckey, welcomed the guests and also introduced three of our seven new women members, who were in attendance. These ladies, Vicki Bambery, Carol Carney and Diana Minchin were warmly welcomed. Gillian Franklin was also introduced and presented with a bouquet of flowers. This was a gesture of thanks from the women members as Gillian has made generous donations of gifts to the women members at both the Senior’s Lunch and now at the Women’s Dinner. She also donated a large hamper as a raffle prize to raise money to assist Johanna Wyllie to defend her Left Handed title in Germany. We are most appreciative of Gillian’s thoughtful contributions to the women members.             


Women’s Captain, Jenny Picking, then presented the prestigious Concurrent Trophy to the winner, Robyn Wiltshire. This stroke event had been played over the past two weeks.  

Jenny also presented the Veteran’s Trophy and the Senior Veteran’s Trophy, as well as the medals which have been won so far this year. Congratulations to our winners.  

Following these formalities, a delicious dinner was served. Then, the entertainment began!

Anthony the marvelous magician kept us engaged with his witty dialogue and range of amazing and clever tricks.  These included making a dove disappear, producing two rabbits in hats, (these nearly went home with besotted women members), riding a unicycle and deftly removing wrist watches from unsuspecting guests!

Anthony was most ably supported in his act by Clare Dyer, who entertainingly became his “off sider” for the night.  His future engagements won’t be the same without her!

The Women’s Committee would like to thank the members who participated in this event. It was most pleasing to observe the laughter and the feeling of camaraderie in the room.

We would especially like to thank the members of our Hospitality Team for all the hours which they gave to ensure that the evening ran smoothly and the guests were looked after.

Libby Stuckey                                                   Jenny Picking

Women’s President                                        Women’s Captain