1. All players must report to the Professional Shop prior to tee off.
  2. Players are requested to be ready 10 minutes before scheduled tee time.
  3. The appropriate Member Identification tag or visitor pass should be clearly displayed on bags at all times.
  4. All players are to carry a sand bucket.
  5. Please repair all divots in fairways and rough. Please repair pitch marks on greens and rake bunkers after play.
  6. All buggies must have slicks fitted.
  7. Only one (1) ball is permitted to be played at all times. (Except when playing a provisional ball)
  8. Walk quickly between shots and call faster players through.

Remember your position in the field is immediately behind the players in front, not in front of the players behind.

  1. Course staff have right of way. Do not hit onto greens when the flag has been removed. Otherwise proceed
    with caution.


  1. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse.
  2. The Peninsula Country Golf Club complies with the Responsible Service of Alcohol Practices.

Mobile Phones

  1. (a) Mobile phones may be carried on the course and in the clubhouse, however, must be switched off unless where there is a medical emergency.
  2. (b) Mobile phones are only permitted to be used in the Clubhouse locker rooms and/or car park.